H-1B Lottery Results Unveiled: The Fate of Thousands of Visa Applicants Decided for FY2024

The wait is finally over and here comes the good news for thousands of US H-1B visa applicants. The results of the H-1B FY 2024 lottery have been quietly disclosed by USCIS. Although no official announcement has been made by the agency so far on their website, but USCIS has begun updating the registration selection status of many applicants to "selected".

US H1-B Visa FY 2024 Lottery Results

H-1B FY 2024 Results Announcement

The 2024 H-1B cap registration process started on March 1, with a scheduled end date of March 17, 2023. However, a technical issue caused a delay, and the deadline was extended until March 20th. It was expected that USCIS will conclude the lottery process by 31st March 2023 and now we have started to see the selection results. 

It was similar pattern last year as well, when USCIS started to update the lottery results from March 25th, 2022 onwards and official announcement was made on 29th March, 2022. So far there is no official announcement but it is expected to come next week around the same date as in last year. Continue reading the article for the unofficial results for FY 2024.

The H1-B Visa Program: An Overview of the US Specialty Occupation Visa System

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations, which require specialized knowledge and expertise. The visa program is popular among tech companies, particularly in the Silicon Valley, and is used to recruit highly skilled workers from around the world. 

The H1-B visa is subject to an annual numerical cap, which has created high demand and fierce competition among applicants. The visa program has been a subject of political and public debate in recent years, with advocates arguing that it is vital for the US economy and critics claiming that it takes jobs away from American workers.

Unofficial H-1B FY 2024 Results Update

There are various H-1B groups and law firms where users have confirmed that they have started to receive the updates of selection for FY 2024. We will also update you with an official announcement on this website as soon as there is an update from USCIS. Following screenshots are from H-1B Telegram group for candidates confirming their status updates.

US H1-B Visa FY 2024 Lottery Results Announcement

People have also shared the status change mail they have received from USCIS, in the group, confirming that there is some action on their cases, which is nothing but the lottery results. The mail is from USCIS and its a very short mail asking candidates to sign-in to their accounts to check the status.

H-1B FY 2024 Official update

We will update this section with more details when USCIS will release a press note. It will take couple of days before this unofficial update becomes official. 

[Official Update from USCIS on 27th March: H-1B selection process completed, read more in latest H-1B blog post]

Thousands of candidates are currently waiting for the results of the H-1B lottery for FY 2024, which will determine whether they can start work in the US. The H-1B visa program has always been highly competitive, and this year is no exception, with a record number of applicants. The uncertainty surrounding the lottery results can be challenging for candidates, who may need to make career plans and decisions based on the outcome. While some applicants will receive the good news of being selected, unfortunately, many others will be left disappointed, and they will need to explore other options for their career aspirations.

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