Enhancing Productivity: Introducing Dropbox Dash, AI-Powered Universal Search, and Dropbox AI

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that offers a variety of features to help you work more efficiently and productively. In this blog post, we will introduce three new AI-powered tools that Dropbox has recently launched: Dropbox Dash, AI-powered universal search, and Dropbox AI.


Dropbox Dash: The AI-powered universal search tool for work

Dropbox Dash is a browser extension that lets you search for all your content across different platforms and apps with a single search bar. Whether you need to find a file in Dropbox, an email in Outlook, a document in Google Workspace, or a record in Salesforce, you can do it with Dropbox Dash. You can also create and share smart collections of links called Stacks, access shortcuts to recent work and meetings, and use generative AI to interact with your content without opening multiple files.

Dropbox Dash is designed to save you time and hassle by connecting all your tools and content in one place. It also learns from your usage and improves over time, giving you more relevant and personalized results. Dropbox Dash is currently available as a beta in English and to select customers.

To give you some examples of how Dropbox Dash can help you work better, here are some scenarios:

  1. You are preparing for a meeting with a client and you need to find the latest proposal, contract, and invoice that you sent them. Instead of opening multiple apps and searching for each file separately, you can just type "show me the files I sent to ABC company" in Dropbox Dash and get all the results in one place.
  2. You are working on a research project and you need to collect and organize various sources of information from the web. Instead of bookmarking each link or saving them in different folders, you can create a Stack in Dropbox Dash and add all the links to it. You can also name the Stack, add notes, and share it with your teammates.
  3. You are reviewing a report that your colleague shared with you and you have some questions about the data and analysis. Instead of opening the report and reading it in full, you can use generative AI in Dropbox Dash to ask questions like "what is the main finding of this report?" or "how did they calculate the growth rate?" and get the answers from the report.

AI-powered universal search: A new way to find what you need

Dropbox's AI-powered universal search is a feature that allows you to search for any content across Dropbox and other connected platforms using natural language queries. For example, you can type "show me the latest sales report from John" or "find the presentation I shared with Alice last week" and get the results instantly. You can also filter your search by file type, date, owner, and more.

AI-powered universal search is powered by machine learning and natural language processing, which enable it to understand your intent and context and provide accurate and relevant results. It also supports voice input, so you can just speak your query instead of typing it. AI-powered universal search is currently available to all Dropbox users.

Dash Answers Strategy

To give you some examples of how AI-powered universal search can help you work better, here are some scenarios:

  1. You are looking for a specific email that contains an attachment that you need for your work. Instead of scrolling through your inbox or using multiple keywords, you can just type "show me the email with the budget spreadsheet" or "find the email from Jane with the PDF attachment" and get the result right away.
  2. You are working on a project that involves multiple files from different sources and formats. Instead of opening each file individually or using different apps to view them, you can just type "show me all the files related to project X" or "find all the files that mention keyword Y" and get all the results in one place.
  3. You are trying to recall some information that you learned from a video or audio file that you watched or listened to. Instead of replaying the whole file or searching for timestamps, you can just type "show me the part where they talk about Z" or "find the part where they say Q" and get the result right away.

Dropbox AI: A new way to understand your content

Dropbox AI is a feature that helps you understand the content of your files without having to read them in full. It uses natural language generation and natural language understanding to provide summaries and answers to your questions based on your files. For example, you can ask "what is the main idea of this report?" or "how many customers did we acquire last quarter?" and get the answers in seconds.

Dropbox AI

Dropbox AI also allows you to generate new content based on your existing files. For example, you can ask "write a summary of this report for my manager" or "create an outline for a blog post based on this research" and get the content generated for you. Dropbox AI is currently available to US Dropbox Pro customers and select Dropbox Teams customers.

To give you some examples of how Dropbox AI can help you work better, here are some scenarios:

  1. You are reviewing a long and complex document that you need to understand and provide feedback on. Instead of reading the whole document or skimming through it, you can use Dropbox AI to get a summary of the document, ask questions about the key points, and generate feedback based on the document.
  2. You are working on a creative project that requires you to produce new content based on your existing files. Instead of starting from scratch or copying and pasting from different sources, you can use Dropbox AI to generate new content based on your files, such as headlines, captions, summaries, outlines, and more.
  3. You are learning something new from a file that contains a lot of information and details. Instead of taking notes or memorizing everything, you can use Dropbox AI to ask questions about the file, get answers and explanations, and generate quizzes and flashcards based on the file.

Dropbox is constantly innovating and improving its products with AI and machine learning. The new tools we introduced in this blog post are just some examples of how Dropbox can help you work smarter and faster with your content. If you want to learn more about these tools or sign up for beta access, visit https://blog.dropbox.com/topics/product/introducing-AI-powered-tools.

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