How to Uncrop Your Photos with AI: Introducing Clipdrop's New Tool

Clipdrop is a suite of AI-powered tools that help you create stunning visuals in seconds. Whether you want to remove the background of an image, replace it with a new one, remove unwanted objects or text, relight your photos, upscale them, or generate realistic variants, Clipdrop has you covered.

One of the latest additions to Clipdrop's arsenal is Uncrop, an amazing tool that allows you to change the aspect ratio of any image by creating an expanded background that matches the original photo. Uncrop uses a technique called "outpainting", which is a form of image synthesis that generates new pixels outside the boundaries of an existing image.

Uncrop is very easy to use: you just need to upload your image to the Clipdrop web app, choose the desired aspect ratio, and let Uncrop do its magic. You can also adjust the quality and the direction of the outpainting. Uncrop works with any kind of image, from portraits to landscapes, from products to artworks. You can use it for various purposes, such as creating banners, posters, thumbnails, social media posts, or simply enhancing your photos.

ClipDrop's Uncrop is powered by Stable Diffusion
Uncrop is powered by Stable Diffusion, a state-of-the-art AI model developed by Stability AI, a company that specializes in creating high-resolution realistic images with AI. Stable Diffusion is able to generate coherent and consistent images that preserve the style and content of the original image. It can also handle complex scenes and textures with ease.

Uncrop is available for free in the Clipdrop web app

Uncrop is available for free in the Clipdrop web app, with no need to log in or sign up. You can also access Uncrop and other Clipdrop tools through the Clipdrop API, which allows you to integrate best-in-class AI to your own apps in minutes.

Clipdrop is a suite of AI-powered tools

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to change the aspect ratio of your images without compromising their quality or aesthetics, give Uncrop a try and see for yourself how AI can transform your visuals.

From adjusting the composition of your photos to adapting their ratio for various purposes, Uncrop offers limitless creative possibilities. Experience the power of Uncrop today in the Clipdrop web app, available for free without the hassle of logging in. Elevate your visual storytelling with Uncrop and unlock a new level of image editing excellence. 

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